Devo Minas Symeonoglou

Devo – Minas Symeonoglou – is graduate of Law Faculty of Athens and followed postgraduate studies in England.
In 1979, changing direction from his studies, he went to India and began his discipleship at the Osho commune in Poona. Living in his communities (India and America), has been an intense and deep training….in devotion, in meditation and various techniques of healing and therapy. He lives in Greece and besides the Sufi workshops, he leads groups and sessions, concerning the „space of Heart”, “Centering to the Hara”, the “Inner Child” and the “Osho Neo – Reiki” healing system.

Opening of the Heart – Otwarte serce

These days everyone speaks of love. Yet, to know how to love is a totally different thing from speaking of love. To open the heart, we start by creating all of us together, an environment of safety and meditation, trust and support between us. Then we attempt to break the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Sharing, breathing, touching are some of the ways to relax our heart and prepare her to give and receive love.


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