Paola Ferrari

I was always inspired to express myself by creative ways. I studied ballet since I was child, then I moved to Buenos Aires to study Architecture.
After few years, I did my Teacher Yoga Training, since that moment Yoga became the Philosophy of my life.
Searching for how to dance yoga movements, I met Kundalini Dance. This gave me the opportunity to feel again the music and express myself through the movements. Practicing Kundalini Dance, I can feel the silence, the life and the power. It is a journey to my inner wisdom, I use my body as an instrument to express the sensations of my Soul.

Kundalini Dance

Enjoy a Kundalini Dance Session
Kundalini Dance is a Dance Movement Therapy attached to Yoga Philosophy. It is a healing Dance for the inner self. By practicing it we get reconnected with our escence and our authenticity.
It incorporates the intuitive and conscious movements, sacred sounds (mantras), breathing and tantric healing.
By opening our body to universal energy we re-balance, restore and integrate our highest consciousness.
Who is this practice for? Every one! Those who may have never allowed themselves to dance before & those who love to dance.


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